Northern Virginia’s Premier Developmental Swim Program

Our Swim Program

A personalized coaching program led by enthusiastic coaches, encouraging your children to develop a love for swimming while building lifelong friendships


Your kids will get hands-on instruction in the water from a team of experienced, energetic & positive coaches. They’ll enjoy a challenging environment, where they not only improve their skills, but also grow their love of the sport.

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What We’re Like

We’re supportive, we’re helpful, we’re a team of swimmers, people who love swimming and want to help your children learn the same. We work tirelessly to instruct, challenge and inspire, all in a fun & positive atmosphere.



Norman Swimming programs are open to swimmers of all ages and abilities, from bubbles to butterflies.

About Us

We're more than just swim coaches; we're swimmers ourselves, who love the sport and love coaching others to improve their swimming skills and grow their own passion for swimming.
Supportive swimming program from bubbles to butterflies

Norman Swimming specializes in group and individual swim instruction for children ages 4 and up. We provide comprehensive, hands-on coaching in the four competitive strokes (freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke), racing starts and turns, and sprint training.

All our swimmers receive personalized coaching based on their abilities and learn the necessary techniques to improve their swimming. While we work hard to enhance each swimmer's ability, we spend as much time encouraging their love of the sport. Many of the athletes in our program develop not only a passion for swimming, but also build lifelong friendships with their fellow swimmers.

  • Coaching in basic swim skills, from floating and blowing bubbles to using a kickboard and being safe in the water

  • Training for novice swimmers who are comfortable in the water, but want to learn more about competitive swimming

  • Coaching for kids who've participated in organized swim programs and want to improve their swim technique

  • Training for swimmers in USS programs who want to increase their regular practice and reinforce skill sets

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